Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Snotty Noses and Spooky Halloween Trees

So today I pretty much just stayed at home. Both girls had a runny nose, I think Mia is cutting a tooth which would explain her fussiness. We kept Syd home from school today so she was pretty bummed. I however did get some projects done. I found my inspiration picture on marthastewart.com of a cute Halloween tree with paper ornaments, mine turned out pretty good I made some matching placemats as well. Sydne calls it her SPOOKY Halloween tree she says it so cute. Sorry about the picture quality I have to take them on my phone since my camera is still broke, and I did get a quick pic of the girls playing in there matching Elmo slippers! Hope everyone had a great day!!!

So I finally did it.

Mia trying to go to School with Syd today!

I finally started my own blog. I have been thinking about it for a long time but I was just always afraid that no one would read it or I wondered if my life was even interesting enough to blog about, and then I thought to myself who cares. If no one every reads it that would be fine I would have a great place to diary my crazy life raising two small girls, working midnights, never getting enough sleep, and always loving every minute of it. It is not to hard so far but we will see how long it takes me to figure all this out.