Monday, October 1, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!

October is breast cancer awareness month. So I am offering a special outfit. It will ship by the Oct. 15th, and $5.00 from every outfit sold will go to finding a cure! All you need to do is post your email address, size, and name that you want on the shirt mom,aunt, grandma, nana etc... 
All invoices will need to be paid by Wed. the 3rd at 12pm so I can get the shirts and fabric ordered!

For those of you that see this on my blog please go to my facebook site and comment under the pic there to order! Thanks so much lets help find a cure!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our house is on the Market!

We are so excited to be  making this step in our lives. The step to financial freedom, and a complete 180 change in our finances.In todays society it is normal to be in debt, it is normal to live paycheck to paycheck,
it is normal to not have a savings, well... we don't want to be normal we want to be biblical. We feel as if our current "stuff" is not allowing us to fulfill God's calling in our lives.. so it has GOT TO GO!! So there you have it yes we are excited of what God can do in our lives if we are faithful, yes we are at complete and total peace with this decision, and yes please please LORD let this house sell quickly!!Our Home wanna move to Carterville???
We have done so much to this house in the 5 yrs we have lived here. We have torn down lots of walls and it pretty much has new EVERYTHING haha. Lots of blood sweat and tears went into this renovation, my only hope is that the next family will love it as much as we have!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just letting it all hang out...

The Business....ah... I just needed to breath a bit and try to get some of my thoughts down to let a little stress out. So the reality of my life is that I am super blessed, God has provided me with a great paying job as a nurse (pediatric home health) to be exact. The hours are flexible and the pay is great, however the toll it takes on me mentally and emotionally sometimes is great and the time away from my kiddos is tough.
Then there is my business that I run from home so between the two this chick never gets a day off. To be honest this is where a large amount of my stress comes from. I started it 3 years ago really just to sew for my own girls who at the time were little, then I made for 1 friend then her friend, now 3 years later... well lets just say I make for a lot of people.. I struggle with this in that I love what I do, I love to sit down and be creative and make a one of a kind custom piece, but however this business takes A LOT  of time, energy, and money to keep up and running. I will get brutally honest you don't make a ton of money at this business either, the reality is fabric, shirts, machines etc.. are all very expensive and the profit margin is not great. So I continue to ask myself the same question... why am I continuing??? There are days I tell myself it would be so much easier to just go back to work a few more days a week and actually have a day off now and then. :) Really the only answer I can give myself is that there are moments in then midst of the chaos that I do really love it, and right now we rely financially on the business to pay for all our gas and groceries.(Honesty or TMI no sure)... But are those enough.. I continue to pray about it and am trying to listen to go in the direction that God wants and what is best for my family sometimes in the middle it is hard to see the light...
I am not sure if anyone except me reads this blog, and if not I am ok with that in that it is nice to just get some feeling down on paper, but if there is anyone reading who ever wonders what it is like behind the pics and all the cuteness that we post online, it is a lot of late nights some tears and a whole lot of determination that keep it going. If any of my clients are reading this know I appreciate you more then you could know. So here we go we are diving in another fall of halloween/thanksgiving/christmas madness. Will this be my last, who knows but I believe it is where God wants me so, I am going to go put on my big girl panties now and stop complaining!!!

Oh and I must give a shout out to Munchkin Land Designs for creating another wonderful facebook header for my business page, Jenn does such a great job and is wonderful to work with! If you need any design work for your blog/business page you should check her out. You can find her on facebook here:Munchkin Land Designs
Have a great day!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sydne turns 6!

So it is true my baby is growing up, and it seems to be happening so fast :( I feel like it was yesterday I was planning her first birthday elmo style. This year however I thought she picked a super fun theme.(I always let them pick, with maybe just a few suggestions from mama) haha ;) This year was a rainbow theme, I mean how fun and girly is that! I think my favorite part about this year was how cheap it was to put together. I got almost all my decorations from walmart or the the dollar store, because all I needed was primary colors, and with a little help from pinterest a fun party was born! I have never linked before but I will try to link to my facebook folder with all the pics because there are just way to many to load on here so here goes: Sydne's 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sweet girl we love you so much! 
Cupcakes: Janie Davies Cupcakes
Photography: Michael Ferraro Photography

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What do they want???

I am not going to lie lately I have been feeling very frustrated as a designer. I often wonder if other boutique owners have these same feelings? I get frustrated because it seems as everything I design because I personally like it, it just doesn't sell, but if we make something that we really don't love or even like it will sell like crazy?? Haha I am starting to wonder if I just don't have any style haha. No really I like to make things that are different and somewhat modern. I have just always had the thought who wants to pay a good chunk of money on an outfit that looks like something that everyone else has? Also don't people buy boutique clothing because you can personalize it and you want them to stand out (in a good way of course). Ugh... just feeling defeated this last week.
Example 1 I love they don't :(
Example 2 I love they don't :(

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yes I am Still Alive!

So Hello! Yes I know it has been almost a year since I have blogged, how is that even possible?? Time seriously does go so fast! So really nothing much new has been happening, the girls are growing my business is growing my stress level is growing haha No seriously! Some days I just feel like I may pop :) Sydne is getting ready to start the 1st grade, and Mia is going into pre-K, that really does seem crazy, but alas it is true I am getting old! On the business front, it had just got to big for me to handle myself so I have hired a seamstress and she is wonderful and I can say honestly without her I would have lost my mind by now. So I have added a few updated pics of the girls to really just show off their cuteness! Ok folks I am out, I won't make any promises that I will blog more, because really that is what I said last time and it didn't happen, but I am sure going to try, and also I promise as soon as I post this I will go take down my christmas background and update it haha!!