Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Keeping those little ears warm!

Where I live it is starting to get cold and it is time to pull out winter coats and hats. Well my girls do not like wearing hats so I was trying to think of a solution for keeping their ears covered and still looking cute. So I came across these adult her warmer thingys haha So I cut them apart in the back cutesied (not sure that is even a word haha) them up with a little embroidery and sewed the back up smaller to fit their little heads and ta da a alternative to the bulky winter hat!
These two were my girls and I posted them on facebook and they were an instant hit, so I made the two below for a client. The fun thing is you can make them to match their winter coat. Sorry I just am a matchy matchy kinda gal!
**Disclaimer I have to quit taking pics on my phone because these are just pathetic I mean Ava looks black when actually it is brown Grrr.... :(

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