Thursday, December 10, 2009

So many finished-So many unfinished

So since it has been sooooo cold around here lately we have spent most of our time staying home. Small children and 10 degree weather just doesn't really mix well. My dining room/sewing room has been busy busy busy. Here are a few of my recently completed projects.You would think after all that I could go ah....... finally I am done and then I look over and see
that would be my to-do pile! It is screaming at me to because i have had some projects sitting there for some time that really need finishing. The very last pic I posted specifically for my girlfriend Beth who is always asking me how I keep my house so clean.... hahaha I don't think I could even find my dining room table at this point, and yes that is clothes hanging from the chandelier. Good thing for the kids table in the kitchen!

Coming soon will be our trip to Santa, and yes it was very interesting!


  1. i didn't realize you made a lot of the girls' clothes. they are super cute! i love that picture of the girls too! it's really good. who took it?

  2. Thanks ya I pretty much just sew for my girls but I do take a few orders and do gifts and such! Jamie Luff took that pic she is so talented!!