Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's all in the fabric!

So about a year ago we did some major renovations to our house we knocked down the walls between our dining room and living room and pretty much just made the main living area of our house one big open space with the same flooring and all. I was really excited about it until I sat back and thought to myself wow now I need to decorate this whole space as one! So I have done few projects here and there trying to make it all flow together, now I would have to say decorating even though I love to do it does not come easy to me. So my inspiration for the space was to get a color palette and just run with it changing it up with pattern and texture. My palette is brown,black,muted green and cream. What can I say I LOVE neutrals they make me feel relaxed!

So here are a few things I have done! I just love this set of fabrics together they are all very different but similar in color and tone so I think they work well together!


  1. ok. time for you to do mine now! HA! I don't know where you find the time or maybe I'm just LAZY.

  2. LOL I just stay up way to late sewing sometimes, it just helps me relax!