Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's in my sewing box!

I get asked a lot what are my favorite sewing tools or what do I use every time I sit down to sew? So here is my absolute must haves everyday by my sewing machine.
I know it seems like a lot of scissors but each one has a distinct job, my pinking shears is what I use to cut ALL my patterns! I use the little tiny curved ones for cutting out appliques and trimming thread, the other ones are used mainly to cut embroidery stabalizer, solvey, etc.... I have two seam rippers just like having the little one for some jobs. The safety pin is for pulling dress ties and elastic through. Everyone has to have a box of pins right?? The wooden dowel isn't really a sewing tool but I find it handy to turn ties right side out and it comes in handy pushing out corners and such. Last but not least I LOVE my little sewing square thingy! haha I measure everything with this little guy, and it was my grandmothers. (Which by the way is were I got the name for my buisness) she was a seamstress but passed away when I was young but I thought the name was fitting!! So there you have it everything I use to create cute little pieces!

What are your must haves by your machine?? Now this is not what is by my embroidery machine but that is a whole other post!!

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  1. Right next to my machine? Hmm, besides what you already have up there I would say my magnetic pin holder/cushion. I love it when I am running along because I can toss pins and it just grabs them right up!

    I don't have one of those square 'thingees' but I bet that is one awesome tool to have!