Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa=Success well kinda??

I would have to say seeing Santa this year was a success. There was no tears or screaming bloody murder so that is a huge improvement from the past few years. Ha
With both my girls 3 has seemed to be the magically age that they start to think Santa is ok! I say it was kind of a success because Mia still insisted that Momma be in the picture. She wouldn't sit on his lap just next to him on mine, but I will take that compromise for sure.
However, everytime I see a picture of myself I think two things: 1. Please for the love of God start exercising and lose that weight, and 2. Please start getting more then 4hrs. of sleep a night. I mean that is just ridiculous!!
Haha oh well at least my girls are looking sassy and cute! Mia however my daring we need to teach you to sit like a young lady with a skirt on Ahem...

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