Monday, November 30, 2009

Sydne's Pre-K turkey day

Sydne's Pre-K class did a little skit their last day of school before thanksgiving break and it was so cute. My hubby got a little crazy with the video taking I think he took 6 or something what can I say he is a proud daddy, but I thought this was a cute one. They are saying there poems they learned. Syd is the youngest and the littlest one in the class I think and she does so good we are very proud of her! Here are a few shots of her in her Indian outfit they made in class as well.
I am actually glad he took a lot of video because Mia was less then thrilled about having to sit on my lap in a crowded hot classroom for 30 min. and be quiet. Lets just say I feed her those package of goldfish just as fast as I could!

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