Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yes I am Still Alive!

So Hello! Yes I know it has been almost a year since I have blogged, how is that even possible?? Time seriously does go so fast! So really nothing much new has been happening, the girls are growing my business is growing my stress level is growing haha No seriously! Some days I just feel like I may pop :) Sydne is getting ready to start the 1st grade, and Mia is going into pre-K, that really does seem crazy, but alas it is true I am getting old! On the business front, it had just got to big for me to handle myself so I have hired a seamstress and she is wonderful and I can say honestly without her I would have lost my mind by now. So I have added a few updated pics of the girls to really just show off their cuteness! Ok folks I am out, I won't make any promises that I will blog more, because really that is what I said last time and it didn't happen, but I am sure going to try, and also I promise as soon as I post this I will go take down my christmas background and update it haha!!

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