Monday, August 20, 2012

Sydne turns 6!

So it is true my baby is growing up, and it seems to be happening so fast :( I feel like it was yesterday I was planning her first birthday elmo style. This year however I thought she picked a super fun theme.(I always let them pick, with maybe just a few suggestions from mama) haha ;) This year was a rainbow theme, I mean how fun and girly is that! I think my favorite part about this year was how cheap it was to put together. I got almost all my decorations from walmart or the the dollar store, because all I needed was primary colors, and with a little help from pinterest a fun party was born! I have never linked before but I will try to link to my facebook folder with all the pics because there are just way to many to load on here so here goes: Sydne's 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sweet girl we love you so much! 
Cupcakes: Janie Davies Cupcakes
Photography: Michael Ferraro Photography

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