Monday, November 2, 2009

Snow White and Dopey!

We had a good but busy Halloween Weekend. Friday we had a MOMS party for the little ones (which I got no pictures of) I know I feel terrible and then that afternoon I was a helper at Syd's pre-k class party. It was fun the kids were all so cute, Syd wore her spider dress and I spray painted one of her dress up crowns black and hot glued a little black spider on the front and she was a spider princess. I didn't want her to wear her actual costume in fear of her tearing it up.
Syd and Mommy at her Party!

Then friday night we went to the high school to trick or treat since it was raining and they couldn't have it downtown like usual, it was so crowded so we didn't stay very long, just long enough for the girls to get a sugar high and then back home we went.
Snow white and Dopey Dwarf!

Saturday we went to the Marion mall to Boo Bash and it was a good time and the girls got enough candy to last the whole year. We had a good weekend hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!!

The Cutest little dwarf I have ever seen!
Snow White and Her Prince!

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